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Bulk Vending Systems

Bulk Vending Systems is an established vending company providing a vending machines service to companies across South & West Wales.

We supply a full range of Vending equipment from small coffee machines to chilled food vendors. Supplying equipment is only a part of our business. BVS offers a complete vending service which includes Machine Management, Engineering Support, Finance, Design & Installation and Vending Supplies.

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Please take a look around our site. If you are looking into vending for the first time or are unsure about the product and service you require our BVS Guide to Vending is a good place to start.

Healthy Vending

BVS recognises that there is a need for healthy vending particularly in education, leisure and healthcare.

We offer the only branded healthy vending equipment that can stand alone or be part of a bank of machines. They combine sustainability and healthy options without losing the key element of choice.

You decide what products to stock... not us!

For more information please call free on:
0800 0260461