Fresh Milk Machines 

A wide range of fresh milk machines with a variety of sizes to suit any demand.

  • Coffetek Vitro M

    Coffetek Vitro M 

    • Easy to operate
    • Twin dispense espresso system
    • Adjustable dispense head
    • 9 drink options
    • Fridge can accommodate most standard milk bottles
  • WMF 8000S

    WMF 8000S 

    • Three bean hoppers
    • Automatic cup lift
    • Prepares both hot and cold milk drinks
    • Man Machine Interface touch display
    • Plug+Clean milk cleaning service
  • WMF 1500S

    WMF 1500S 

    • Slim design
    • DYNAMIC MILK system - Provides hot and cold milk
    • Touch display
    • Attractive illuminated side panels
    • 8 beverage buttons
  • WMF 1200S

    WMF 1200S 

    • Easy to maintain
    • Plug+Clean milk cleaning system
    • Almost any coffee or chocolate drink with lots of milk can be produced
    • Can be fitted with a water tank or fixed connection
    • Drinks can be selected strong or mild, large or small